Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hoots | A Waste Odyssey | Videos, Shows, Recording

   While we know you must all have a lot to choose from, entertainment-wise, this upcoming Halloween weekend. One show that we think you should definitely check out is this Friday at The Standard. The Hoots are having a little party to help raise some funds for their upcoming album, and they have brought A Waste Odyssey and the Heat Rat Magnets to help em' show everyone a good time.

       Both The Hoots and A Waste Odyssey are going to be recording new material during the upcoming months so make sure you keep checking back as we will have all the updates regarding everyone's recording and how its going.

   And, if you are unsure about whether or not you are going to attend this Friday, check out these videos of The Hoots and A Waste Odyssey at the showcase show. I'm sure it will get you in the mood. See ya there.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little House Hiatus | Video | Merchandise

 Lots of Little House news. And while it may not seem like good news at the time, it will relate to very promising things in the future. First, and foremost, you wont be seeing Little House playing in Winnipeg anytime soon (with the exception of one last show, announced below). The boys are taking time off from playing live to write and record their full length album over the fall/winter. You will not be seeing them until that album is done and ready. They want to take the time to concentrate on solely songwriting and getting a great recording of all their new material. 

So, if you would like to see them one last time before they retreat underground, come out to this show. 
 The guys are playing with P.E.I.'s own Paper Lions, and if you aren't excited that this band is coming to town, you should be. The show is at everyone's favourite hangout, The Lo Pub, and it will be a great night. Make sure you get out early, as tickets are only $8 and its going to fill up quick. 
If you dont know who Paper Lions are, check out paperlions.com

And, if you missed the Showcase show back in September, you might not know that Little House is dragging around a big box of new merchandise! That's right, new shirts and a limited run of a special recording they did at The Gimli Theatre. All items are below. If you are in the Winnipeg area, the items can be delivered/picked up. But if you are from out of town, there will need to be shipping paid. 






And last but not least, the guys have a new video up! The video was shot at the I'm Trying Records Showcase as Little House played to a packed Lo Pub. We hope you enjoy it, and at least this will give you something to watch, as you wait out the long cold months without Little House.

Thanks, guys. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoppa and Little House Live Sessions | Zoppa Live Video | Zachary Lucky Show

    Hope everyone had fun at the showcase on Saturday, we know we did. Thanks to everybody who came out and shared the night with us. All the bands played great and everyone seemed to have a great time. There are still a few related to that show that we have to talk about, and a few new things to come.

  Some of you may have listened to all the interviews and live sets done by our bands and by ourselves, but if you missed our appearaces, please check these links out. The live songs are great! Thanks again to everyone at UMFM (especially Jared McKetiak and Michael Elves) for all the help they provided with the show. Make sure you check all this stuff out. 

including: I Just Want To Drive Thru The Ocean, Fuck The RCMP, and "Untitled"
including: Sounds Not The Pavement, and I Dont Want To Know 

  As some of you may have seen, we were filming the showcase show. Here is the FIRST video from the showcase. Zoppa playing Lovin' Train, with Lyzie Burt singing backups. Watch it in HD why dont ya!
Hope you enjoy it, there will be more to come over the next few weeks. 

And if that isn't enough Zoppa news, there is another show coming up! Zachary Lucky will be back in Winnipeg on September 28th and Zoppa will be playing the show. It will definitely be worth your time, please come down and check out all the music, its going to be a great show! 

So, keep checking back. There will be more videos, some pictures from the night, and lots more information about ongoing and upcoming I'm Trying news. T

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little House and Zoppa Interviews | Video Stuff | I'm Trying Interview

More and more stuff. Make sure you tune into UMFM 101.5 again tomorrow, as Little House will be taking to the studio to play some songs live as well as doing an interview with Michael Elves. On the same show, a live set and interview that Zoppa did earlier this week will be aired. So, at 7pm on Friday, tune in to listen into all the great music and there is also a chance to win free tickets during the Little House set! 

If you missed the interview that I'm Trying did with Jared yesterday, you can listen it by checking out this link:

And, if you are coming down to the show, let it be known that you just might be on film. Willie will have a camera in hand as well as others hiding around and he will be recording the show for everyone to watch later. So come out, and have a great time, and wear something spiffy, as you might be on film. 

There is also still the contest going on. Check the other blog posts for details. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Contest | Free Tickets

Who listened in to the interview on UMFM today? We know there were some people out there listening, because we gave away some tickets to the Showcase! If you missed out, then we have a few pictures of the fun we had. 

Thanks to Gillian Chapnick for taking pictures.

But enough about us, you wanna know how to win free tickets! We are announcing our contest to this show right here. You want free tickets? You just have to do 2 things:

Here's what's needed to win 2 free tickets:

#1 :  Change your profile picture to the I'm Trying Records Showcase poster. You can tag yourself in it (your profile pic) on I'm Trying's Facebook page, or save the file from below and upload it yourself. 

#2 :   Tell all your friends to "Like" our Facebook page. Just add the link to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/imtryingrecordswinnipeg) in your status, and let them know that they should add us up. Then let us know, by commenting on our Facebook page and say "I've completed the contest" or email us at imtryingrecords@gmail.com

We will do the draw Saturday afternoon before the show. 

There will be another blog tomorrow with more great stuff! Until then, keep checking back on the blog and if you are looking for something to listen to, make sure to download the free I'm Trying Records Sampler at:

Here is the poster, so you can add it to your profile:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Trying on the Radio | Listen in for free tickets

As, we hope, you know already, the showcase is this weekend! And we are running around quite a bit, in preparation for the big day. One of the things we have done is taken to the radio. You might have missed A Waste Odyssey, but they were in the UMFM studios last Friday doing the Thank God Its Free Range show with Michael Elves. The boys performed a live set and talked with Michael. You can check out the live session here, as well as past performances by Zoppa and other artists.


 And that is not the last you will hear from Michael or I’m Trying Bands, this Friday you will hear both Zoppa as well as Little House on the same show. Both bands will be playing live and doing an interview, and make sure you listen in to the Little House set, as the boys will be giving away free tickets to the show! Have your phones ready. 

On top of that, all the members of I’m Trying, will be in the studio at UMFM on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm with Jared McKetiak on his show The Sounds of Silence, we will be talking and playing some music from the bands, perhaps some more tickets to give away! 

There is a lot more to announce before the show. Keep checking back, we will have an additional blog post everyday until the event happens. Keep checking in, there are tickets to be won! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Trying Records Showcase | Free Downloadable Sampler

    Hey everyone, we have been at this record label thing for 6 months now and we are throwing a little party and putting on a showcase of all our bands to celebrate. The event will take place September 17th at the Lo Pub, and will feature A Waste Odyssey, Little House, The Hoots, and Zoppa.
The show is going to be co-promoted by our good friends at CKUW and UMFM, 
you can definitely look forward hearing our artists on both stations before the show.
Check out the event page here to get all the details:  

And to show our appreciation to everyone who has supported us, we are offering up a free sampler! 
On the sampler is one track from each of our bands, some tracks you have heard, and some you havent. 
Make sure you check it out, and download it, and tell your friends to do the same! 
The link is right here: http://imtryingrecords.bandcamp.com/

We hope to see everyone out there. We will have more info about advance tickets and the like in the near future. But for now, get excited, listen to some great music, and tell all your friends. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zoppa Rooftop Session Video | New Member of the Family

It has been nearly a month since our last blog post, but we have been very busy. Both business related as well as personal reasons ( FOLK FEST ). But we are back to the grind now and we have some exciting things. Some we will announce now. Some to come. So always stay tuned. Both of the things we are going to announce today are related, but equally exciting.

First: New Zoppa Video! 

This video was recorded on a rooftop in the Exchange District here in Winnipeg.
 All the filming and editing of this new video was brought to you by the skills of Bjorn "Willie" Jakobson.
Which brings us to our next announcement.

We have a new member of the I'm Trying family, and his name is Willie. Willie has been our friend for a long time and it was an easy decision to bring him on board. Willie will be bringing an exciting new visual aspect to the label through his impressive work with filming, editing and graphic design. Keep a look out for a lot more new videos in the future. And keep a look out for this guy and let him know how great his videos look.

More announcements in the coming weeks! Stay tuned! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Zoppa. Zoppa. Zoppa.  Its a busy couple of weeks for Zoppa.
We will do our best to touch base on all the things that are going on. Its all very exciting. 

It all begins this weekend, with TWO tour kick-off shows. One in Gimli & one in Winnipeg.

The Gimli show is free and is at The Viking Inn. Destined to be a good time. The event page is:
The Winnipeg show is:

There is also a couple of radio appearances that you should definitely check out! Both are on Friday evening.
The night begins with the crew on Peg City Groove on CKUW. 
CKUW 95.9 FM
ZOPPA will be in the studio at around 5:15, make sure you tune in. 

Following this, at 7:30, Zoppa will be in the UMFM offices.
They will be talking with Micheal Elves about the tour and playing 
some songs on the show Thank God It's Free Range.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Do you want to get your hands on the new A Waste Odyssey album, but dont like the idea of purchasing things online? Well, as of now, "We are Mourning People" is available for purchase the good old fashion way, through your local record stores!

Copies of the new album can be found at...

INTO THE MUSIC - 245 McDermot Ave (In the Exchange District)
Into the Music


MUSIC TRADER - 97 Osborne St 
Music Trader

While you are there buying the new record, make sure you check out the rest of the stock at both places. 
Spend some of your hard earned money so great places like this can continue to exist. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



As of today, A Waste Odyssey's new album "We Are Mourning People" is available for all. 
You can get it one of a few ways.

First is to order it through our webstore:

The second way, if you are just interested in the music, is to download it via bandcamp:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zachary Lucky | Zoppa | Fisticuffs | Hnausa

This show is tonight. Everyone please come down. The show is at the Ellice Theatre, right across the street from the West End Cultural Centre, on Ellice street. The doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 7:30. Hnausa will be opening the show, followed by Fisticuffs, Zoppa, and then Zachary Lucky, accompanied by his "prarie pals". 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It has been a few weeks since you have heard from us here at I'm Trying, but don't let that give you the impression that we have not been busy. 

First of all, A Waste Odyssey. The boys have a couple big weeks coming up, starting tomorrow with:
The guys will be on at 7pm, they will be playing some acoustic songs, answering some questions, and revealing some tracks from their new CD "We Are Mourning People." Make sure you turn your radios to 92.9 at 7pm and listen. 

and the following week, they will be heading out on their first western tour, playing a few select dates across the prairies, playing dates in Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, and Calgary's Lilac Festival!

Stay in touch for updates on the go from the boys as they make their way across our fair country. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zoppa | The Hoots | A Waste Odyssey

Busy week for everyone, and that means you. There are lots of shows that you need to attend this week. 

Starting Tuesday with Zoppa @ The Academy
w/ Frieso and The Human Creatures

Then Thursday we have The Hoots and This Hisses 
live @ Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club

Finally, Saturday, there is A Waste Odyssey
live @ The Academy
Show starts at 11 - 5 bucks

Make sure you check out as many of these events as possible. The Zoppa show is a fundraiser, and they need your support. The Hoots are playing Times Change(d), which is just too cool. And A Waste Odyssey are heading out on tour very soon and they wont be playing here for awhile.

Get off the couch! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Have we got a deal for you!

As some of you may know. A Waste Odyssey's new album "We Are Mourning People" is due out in late May. What you might not know, is that they are going on tour at the end of May also. Due to scheduling conflicts, they will not be playing their CD release show until AFTER the tour. So if you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding area you will have to wait. Unless, of course, you take advantage of our pre-order package. 

 For the next two weeks, you have a chance to pre-order a special
 "We Are Mourning People" Package

This includes: 

A Copy of  "We Are Mourning People". But you will receive it May 20th. Almost a month before anyone else in Winnipeg has a chance to get their hands on it. 

If you pre-order. You will also get the first A Waste Odyssey shirts ever printed. 
There wont be that many of these printed so take advantage of the offer. 
The shirts are in the process of being printed now, but will look like this. 

Get both the t-shirt and the album for the price of $18.00.
You will be one of the first people to listen to the new album, you will be the first to wear the shirt, and you can do all of this while paying less than you would if you wait. Makes sense to us. 

To pay either use our paypal link below...
(If using this method, send a subsequent email to imtryingrecords (at) gmail (dot) com, instructing us whether you want the product shipped or delivered (if in the Winnipeg area). 


...Or if you have the privilege of knowing us personally, make an arrangement and we will meet you somewhere to make the exchange. Get on this everyone, this offer wont last long. Tell your friends. 

....Or, if you dont know us, you dont want to know paypal, you can send cash or a money order or a cheque (written to Corey, Ben, or Kevin) and stick it in an envelope and send it to. 

Im Trying Records
557 Sherburn St.
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3G 2K8

Saturday, April 9, 2011


We here at I'm Trying Records now have our own YouTube channel. We will be posting many new videos in the near future. The videos will be of live performances, jam sessions, studio updates as well as music videos from our bands as they appear. 

We have uploaded our first video, a live performance by Little House @ The Academy. It can be viewed by going through our personal YouTube channel. 

Make sure you subscribe to the channel and like the video and do all those other great things that we dont know about yet. We are learning the ins and outs of YouTube as we go. 

The link to the channel is here: 

or just watch the video here...

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Starting tomorrow, the busiest week ever for I'm Trying bands begins.

It starts with Zoppa playing tonight at Shannon's Irish Pub. 
The show also includes Frieso & The Explorers Club.
The show is 5 dollars and the music gets underway at 10 o' clock. 
You can check out the facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162942993761229

Friday, the party is at The Royal Albert. The Hoots are playing an April Fool's Day set.
The show will also have The Vinyl Tongues, The Morlords, and Breakfast for Supper. 
The cost at the door is 5 bucks and the doors open at 10 pm. 

Saturday is a party at The Death Trap with Little House
They will be playing with The Bokononists and our friends in The Blisters.
The doors are at 930 the show is at 10, come early so you dont miss anything.

 Featuring Three Imaginary Boys, Little House, and The Hoots. There might also be some other guests TBA. 
This is a fundraiser, to help Sloop John B a.k.a. David Nielson a.k.a. Three Imaginary Boys, pay his rent.
Come out so he, and his rat Charlie, can have a place to say. 

And then NEXT weekend A Waste Odyssey and Little House will be going on a little tour.
Friday they will be in Brandon and Saturday in Dauphin.

And I am sure I have forgotten something. Make sure you can check out as many shows as possible. 
We look forward to seeing you all out there. 

Congratulations if you have read all of this. 

Monday, March 28, 2011


   Since we have started this, we have been asked about taking on more bands. And we have put some thought into who would fit our - fairly loose - criteria. And despite the numerous interested parties, we have decided to take on just one for the time being. And that is...


    Sloop John B, came to  us in an odd way. By chance, stemming from his misfortunes (its a great story, ask us how he met us). Anyway, Sloop/David comes to us from Victoria, BC. And while we cant be sure how long he will be with us here in Winnipeg, we look forward to working with him as much as we can while he is here.
    Three Imaginary Boys released the debut EP "Rumspringa" at our I'm Trying debut show, and he already has plans for a new full length; a tape of course. Look out for lots of updates in the coming weeks. Updates such as the details for Sloopstock, the fundraiser to help our dear friend pay his rent and keep him and his rat off our cold city streets. 

Check out the band page at...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey people,

   If you missed your chance to hear our radio interview live on UMFM, you can now listen to it at this link...

   And dont forget, tonight is the big show at the Academy. Get there early, show starts promptly at 8 with Zoppa. See you all there! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Manitoban / Uptown / UMFM

   We here at I'm Trying Records have had a little bit of a presence in the press here in Winnipeg this week and we would encourage you all to check out our various interviews.
   First, we had an interview with The Manitoban and Ben Miller. You can read that interview and subsequent article at: THE MANITOBAN
   We followed this interview, with another interview, this time by Jared Story and Uptown magazine. The article regarded our closeness with our artists, calling us "a comrade collective". You can read the article for yourselves at: UPTOWN MAG!
   And finally make sure you listen in this Friday, March 18th. As we will be making our radio debut on UMFM 101.5. We will be doing an interview with UMFM program director Michael Elves and playing songs from our bands. Make sure you check it out.
   Thats all the news for now. Please check out all our press.
   Dont forget, March 22nd, the biggest I'm Trying show of the year. Be there.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The March 22 show is getting closer and closer and we are getting increasingly excited as the days draw nearer. And as we get more excited we also get more busy. First and foremost, we are busy getting together our many releases that will be debuting on the 22. Tonight in fact, the artwork was finally completed for the "Animal Sounds" split between A Waste Odyssey and Little House. It looks something like this...

As for our contest, we have changed the rules. To be entered you no longer have to change your picture, a simple status update and a like is sufficient. For the updated rules please check the blog update below.

Also, we are putting together a mailing list, so we can keep everyone up to date with everything we are doing here at the label, and I'm sure that over time we will find lots of benefits to throw your way too, so dont be afraid to join up. You can either email us saying that you are interested at imtryingrecords@gmail.com or you can add your email address in the comment section of this blog post.

And finally, we have had a busy week with a couple interviews for The Manitoban and Uptown. Both articles should be showing up in next weeks editions of those publications so make sure you get out there and pick up your copies.

Well I think thats it. Hopefully you made it right through to then end.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So, as some of you may know, I'm Trying is putting on a pretty important show in a couple weeks. And we have put our heads together and thought of a little contest.

  The prize: A chance to win a copy of all 4 EP's being released that night
   > Little House - Right Arm
   > The Hoots - Self Titled
   > A Waste Odyssey / Little House - Animal Sounds Split
   > Three Imaginary Boys - Rumspringa 

  What do you have to do? 
   > Post the event page link in your status  -  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166064343442367
   > Make sure you have liked the I'm Trying Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-Trying-Records/135895243141880

   Once you have done this,
    >Alert us via email (imtryingrecords (at) gmail (dot) com ) and either send a print screen of your facebook with the changes made. Or send us a link to your facebook page so we can see it ourselves. When you send us an email, your email will be automatically added to our mailing list and you will receive updates when we have big important news we want you to know about. (If you dont want to be added when you submit your contest info, let us know)
    > If you have done all these things, we will enter you into the contest. The draw will be AT the show on March 22. So make sure you come to collect your prize. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little House EP Available for Listening / Three Imaginary Boys


  RIGHT NOW, Little House's soon to be released EP "Right Arm" is streaming, in full, on their myspace. This will only be happening until the EP is released on the 22nd of March. Make sure you take advantage of the free listen and then make it out to the show to get your hands on the physical copy!

  Also, in regards to the release show, we have a late (but equally as important) addition to the set! Three Imaginary Boys will be playing the set and he will also be releasing his debut EP "Rumspringa". So yes, it has become a QUADRUPLE EP release show. Make sure you make it down. Yes its a Tuesday, but what else do you have to do on a Tuesday night!

   Listen to a Three Imaginary Boys track on the event page... And make sure you are attending and convince all your friends to come! Invite everyone, lets make this a party!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

UMFM Radio / Friday March 18th

Make sure you all track down and dust off your radios because on March 18th Corey, Ben, and myself will be making our first appearance on the airwaves. We will be promoting the label as well as the March 22nd debut show at the University of Manitoba radio station UMFM 101.5 . We will be on the air from 6:30 until 7:00 talking about I'm Trying and playing some songs from the bands. Make sure you all listen in. It will be on the Thank God Its Free Range show with Michael Elves (UMFM Program Director). 

You can check out the UMFM page here.. 

or the blog here...

and be sure to check out Micheal's personal blog at...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tracks Up / Dates Up / Big Show

Make sure you check out all the band pages. A track has been added to each bands page, as well as their upcoming show dates. Give everything a listen.


I'm Trying Records is putting on our first show! All the bands on the label will be playing this show. It will be our debut, a triple EP release show, a showcase of all our music, as well as a fundraiser, to acquire funds to put out our first record. Make sure you come down to this. You will probably be hearing about it a considerable amount in the next month as the date gets closer. Hope to see you all there. 

Check out the Facebook event page at:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Waste Odyssey / Friday / Park Theatre

Make sure you get down to The Park Theatre this Friday night, as A Waste Odyssey will be playing to what is looking to be a very large crowd. The show is for Take Me to the Pilot's music video, or something like that, so it promises to be quite packed. But come down and check out A Waste Odyssey.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little House / Paparazzi / Dylan O' Connors

Tonight  of course, is the Little House show at Dylan O' Connors on Pembina. They will be playing with The Revival and The Vinyl Tongues. The show is only 5 bucks, so count up your change and come down. The show starts at 9, so make sure you get there early so you can catch the whole show. Little House will probably be opening up and you dont want to miss them. 

Also, there will be a video camera floating around for the Little House set. We will be recording their live performance to be posted up on the blog here and other such things. So make sure you come down and have a great time, and wear something nice because you might be on camera!! 

See you all there. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little House / Live @ Dylan O' Connors / Saturday Feb 13

Make sure you all take time out of your busy Saturday evenings to sneak down to the Dylan O' Connors on Pembina Highway and check out Little House! They will be playing with bands The Revival  The Vinyl Tongues. The show promises to be a good time. Only 5 bucks at the door. Come down and check it out!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lowered Prices

Hey everyone, make sure you check out our webstore; since we have put it up, we have brought the prices down on all our records! Be sure to keep in mind, that if you live in Winnipeg, you can avoid the shipping cost and we will deliver it to you personally. Ben wears a very cute costume when he delivers albums, its worth the price of an album just to see it. Make sure you get at the product before its all gone. Ben's product that is... 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lyzie Burt - Out of Your Hair

 Our friend Lyzie Burt has teamed up with us for distribution and now you can find her 2009 album "Out of Your Hair" on our webstore.

A note: We will be using our online webstore for distribution of many local acts, both artists who are on our label and those who are just interested in having their music distributed through us. If your band has recently recorded an album and you are interested in having it distributed through our webstore, feel free to contact us at imtryingrecords@gmail.com and we will see what we can work out. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcoming Shows for A Waste Odyssey

Hey Everyone, our boys in A Waste Odyssey have a busy February coming up. 
Make sure and check them out, Alex Paradoski ensures a special edition 
surprise to anyone who makes it out to all three! See ya there.