Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Trying Records Showcase | Free Downloadable Sampler

    Hey everyone, we have been at this record label thing for 6 months now and we are throwing a little party and putting on a showcase of all our bands to celebrate. The event will take place September 17th at the Lo Pub, and will feature A Waste Odyssey, Little House, The Hoots, and Zoppa.
The show is going to be co-promoted by our good friends at CKUW and UMFM, 
you can definitely look forward hearing our artists on both stations before the show.
Check out the event page here to get all the details:  

And to show our appreciation to everyone who has supported us, we are offering up a free sampler! 
On the sampler is one track from each of our bands, some tracks you have heard, and some you havent. 
Make sure you check it out, and download it, and tell your friends to do the same! 
The link is right here:

We hope to see everyone out there. We will have more info about advance tickets and the like in the near future. But for now, get excited, listen to some great music, and tell all your friends. 

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  1. i love blogging sooooo... new music to also check out " gamble house" a song called second to none