Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zoppa Rooftop Session Video | New Member of the Family

It has been nearly a month since our last blog post, but we have been very busy. Both business related as well as personal reasons ( FOLK FEST ). But we are back to the grind now and we have some exciting things. Some we will announce now. Some to come. So always stay tuned. Both of the things we are going to announce today are related, but equally exciting.

First: New Zoppa Video! 

This video was recorded on a rooftop in the Exchange District here in Winnipeg.
 All the filming and editing of this new video was brought to you by the skills of Bjorn "Willie" Jakobson.
Which brings us to our next announcement.

We have a new member of the I'm Trying family, and his name is Willie. Willie has been our friend for a long time and it was an easy decision to bring him on board. Willie will be bringing an exciting new visual aspect to the label through his impressive work with filming, editing and graphic design. Keep a look out for a lot more new videos in the future. And keep a look out for this guy and let him know how great his videos look.

More announcements in the coming weeks! Stay tuned! 

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