Thursday, March 31, 2011


Starting tomorrow, the busiest week ever for I'm Trying bands begins.

It starts with Zoppa playing tonight at Shannon's Irish Pub. 
The show also includes Frieso & The Explorers Club.
The show is 5 dollars and the music gets underway at 10 o' clock. 
You can check out the facebook page here:

Friday, the party is at The Royal Albert. The Hoots are playing an April Fool's Day set.
The show will also have The Vinyl Tongues, The Morlords, and Breakfast for Supper. 
The cost at the door is 5 bucks and the doors open at 10 pm. 

Saturday is a party at The Death Trap with Little House
They will be playing with The Bokononists and our friends in The Blisters.
The doors are at 930 the show is at 10, come early so you dont miss anything.

 Featuring Three Imaginary Boys, Little House, and The Hoots. There might also be some other guests TBA. 
This is a fundraiser, to help Sloop John B a.k.a. David Nielson a.k.a. Three Imaginary Boys, pay his rent.
Come out so he, and his rat Charlie, can have a place to say. 

And then NEXT weekend A Waste Odyssey and Little House will be going on a little tour.
Friday they will be in Brandon and Saturday in Dauphin.

And I am sure I have forgotten something. Make sure you can check out as many shows as possible. 
We look forward to seeing you all out there. 

Congratulations if you have read all of this. 

Monday, March 28, 2011


   Since we have started this, we have been asked about taking on more bands. And we have put some thought into who would fit our - fairly loose - criteria. And despite the numerous interested parties, we have decided to take on just one for the time being. And that is...


    Sloop John B, came to  us in an odd way. By chance, stemming from his misfortunes (its a great story, ask us how he met us). Anyway, Sloop/David comes to us from Victoria, BC. And while we cant be sure how long he will be with us here in Winnipeg, we look forward to working with him as much as we can while he is here.
    Three Imaginary Boys released the debut EP "Rumspringa" at our I'm Trying debut show, and he already has plans for a new full length; a tape of course. Look out for lots of updates in the coming weeks. Updates such as the details for Sloopstock, the fundraiser to help our dear friend pay his rent and keep him and his rat off our cold city streets. 

Check out the band page at...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey people,

   If you missed your chance to hear our radio interview live on UMFM, you can now listen to it at this link...

   And dont forget, tonight is the big show at the Academy. Get there early, show starts promptly at 8 with Zoppa. See you all there! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Manitoban / Uptown / UMFM

   We here at I'm Trying Records have had a little bit of a presence in the press here in Winnipeg this week and we would encourage you all to check out our various interviews.
   First, we had an interview with The Manitoban and Ben Miller. You can read that interview and subsequent article at: THE MANITOBAN
   We followed this interview, with another interview, this time by Jared Story and Uptown magazine. The article regarded our closeness with our artists, calling us "a comrade collective". You can read the article for yourselves at: UPTOWN MAG!
   And finally make sure you listen in this Friday, March 18th. As we will be making our radio debut on UMFM 101.5. We will be doing an interview with UMFM program director Michael Elves and playing songs from our bands. Make sure you check it out.
   Thats all the news for now. Please check out all our press.
   Dont forget, March 22nd, the biggest I'm Trying show of the year. Be there.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The March 22 show is getting closer and closer and we are getting increasingly excited as the days draw nearer. And as we get more excited we also get more busy. First and foremost, we are busy getting together our many releases that will be debuting on the 22. Tonight in fact, the artwork was finally completed for the "Animal Sounds" split between A Waste Odyssey and Little House. It looks something like this...

As for our contest, we have changed the rules. To be entered you no longer have to change your picture, a simple status update and a like is sufficient. For the updated rules please check the blog update below.

Also, we are putting together a mailing list, so we can keep everyone up to date with everything we are doing here at the label, and I'm sure that over time we will find lots of benefits to throw your way too, so dont be afraid to join up. You can either email us saying that you are interested at or you can add your email address in the comment section of this blog post.

And finally, we have had a busy week with a couple interviews for The Manitoban and Uptown. Both articles should be showing up in next weeks editions of those publications so make sure you get out there and pick up your copies.

Well I think thats it. Hopefully you made it right through to then end.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So, as some of you may know, I'm Trying is putting on a pretty important show in a couple weeks. And we have put our heads together and thought of a little contest.

  The prize: A chance to win a copy of all 4 EP's being released that night
   > Little House - Right Arm
   > The Hoots - Self Titled
   > A Waste Odyssey / Little House - Animal Sounds Split
   > Three Imaginary Boys - Rumspringa 

  What do you have to do? 
   > Post the event page link in your status  -
   > Make sure you have liked the I'm Trying Facebook page

   Once you have done this,
    >Alert us via email (imtryingrecords (at) gmail (dot) com ) and either send a print screen of your facebook with the changes made. Or send us a link to your facebook page so we can see it ourselves. When you send us an email, your email will be automatically added to our mailing list and you will receive updates when we have big important news we want you to know about. (If you dont want to be added when you submit your contest info, let us know)
    > If you have done all these things, we will enter you into the contest. The draw will be AT the show on March 22. So make sure you come to collect your prize. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little House EP Available for Listening / Three Imaginary Boys


  RIGHT NOW, Little House's soon to be released EP "Right Arm" is streaming, in full, on their myspace. This will only be happening until the EP is released on the 22nd of March. Make sure you take advantage of the free listen and then make it out to the show to get your hands on the physical copy!

  Also, in regards to the release show, we have a late (but equally as important) addition to the set! Three Imaginary Boys will be playing the set and he will also be releasing his debut EP "Rumspringa". So yes, it has become a QUADRUPLE EP release show. Make sure you make it down. Yes its a Tuesday, but what else do you have to do on a Tuesday night!

   Listen to a Three Imaginary Boys track on the event page... And make sure you are attending and convince all your friends to come! Invite everyone, lets make this a party!