A Waste Odyssey

     Images of feral landscapes, the passage of time, and the loss of childhood innocence populate the world crafted in the lyrics of A Waste Odyssey. Even with the advantage of catchy, pop-oriented songs, A Waste Odyssey's true strength lies in the distinct imagery, emotional depth, and unique vision of their finely crafted songwriting.

     Formed by five young musicians from the rural areas surrounding Selkirk, Manitoba, A Waste Odyssey is a band concerned with writing accessible, hooky songs populated with a level of emotional and lyrical complexity rarely found in pop music. Inspired equally by traditional folk music, modern experimental compositions and simple pop classics, the band has created their own unique brand of rock music that appeals to a wide audience while still treading new ground and exploring exciting musical territory.

    The group has played extensively in Winnipeg as well the surroFeunding rural areas, where they have been applauded for their energetic approach to live performance and refreshing songwriting style. With a dedicated fanbase, the recently-formed band has just released their first full-length album, "What They Tell the Sea", and are already writing and recording their second album. With so much accomplished in such a short period of time, A Waste Odyssey is a band sure to carve their own important place in music. 

A Waste Odyssey - Burgundy by I'm Trying Records

Upcoming Shows:

March 22 @ The Academy, 8pm
I'm Trying Records: Quadruple EP Release Show 
w/ Little House, The Hoots, Three Imaginary Boys and ZOPPA

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