Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoppa and Little House Live Sessions | Zoppa Live Video | Zachary Lucky Show

    Hope everyone had fun at the showcase on Saturday, we know we did. Thanks to everybody who came out and shared the night with us. All the bands played great and everyone seemed to have a great time. There are still a few related to that show that we have to talk about, and a few new things to come.

  Some of you may have listened to all the interviews and live sets done by our bands and by ourselves, but if you missed our appearaces, please check these links out. The live songs are great! Thanks again to everyone at UMFM (especially Jared McKetiak and Michael Elves) for all the help they provided with the show. Make sure you check all this stuff out. 

including: I Just Want To Drive Thru The Ocean, Fuck The RCMP, and "Untitled"
including: Sounds Not The Pavement, and I Dont Want To Know 

  As some of you may have seen, we were filming the showcase show. Here is the FIRST video from the showcase. Zoppa playing Lovin' Train, with Lyzie Burt singing backups. Watch it in HD why dont ya!
Hope you enjoy it, there will be more to come over the next few weeks. 

And if that isn't enough Zoppa news, there is another show coming up! Zachary Lucky will be back in Winnipeg on September 28th and Zoppa will be playing the show. It will definitely be worth your time, please come down and check out all the music, its going to be a great show! 

So, keep checking back. There will be more videos, some pictures from the night, and lots more information about ongoing and upcoming I'm Trying news. T

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