Thursday, March 31, 2011


Starting tomorrow, the busiest week ever for I'm Trying bands begins.

It starts with Zoppa playing tonight at Shannon's Irish Pub. 
The show also includes Frieso & The Explorers Club.
The show is 5 dollars and the music gets underway at 10 o' clock. 
You can check out the facebook page here:

Friday, the party is at The Royal Albert. The Hoots are playing an April Fool's Day set.
The show will also have The Vinyl Tongues, The Morlords, and Breakfast for Supper. 
The cost at the door is 5 bucks and the doors open at 10 pm. 

Saturday is a party at The Death Trap with Little House
They will be playing with The Bokononists and our friends in The Blisters.
The doors are at 930 the show is at 10, come early so you dont miss anything.

 Featuring Three Imaginary Boys, Little House, and The Hoots. There might also be some other guests TBA. 
This is a fundraiser, to help Sloop John B a.k.a. David Nielson a.k.a. Three Imaginary Boys, pay his rent.
Come out so he, and his rat Charlie, can have a place to say. 

And then NEXT weekend A Waste Odyssey and Little House will be going on a little tour.
Friday they will be in Brandon and Saturday in Dauphin.

And I am sure I have forgotten something. Make sure you can check out as many shows as possible. 
We look forward to seeing you all out there. 

Congratulations if you have read all of this. 

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