Monday, March 28, 2011


   Since we have started this, we have been asked about taking on more bands. And we have put some thought into who would fit our - fairly loose - criteria. And despite the numerous interested parties, we have decided to take on just one for the time being. And that is...


    Sloop John B, came to  us in an odd way. By chance, stemming from his misfortunes (its a great story, ask us how he met us). Anyway, Sloop/David comes to us from Victoria, BC. And while we cant be sure how long he will be with us here in Winnipeg, we look forward to working with him as much as we can while he is here.
    Three Imaginary Boys released the debut EP "Rumspringa" at our I'm Trying debut show, and he already has plans for a new full length; a tape of course. Look out for lots of updates in the coming weeks. Updates such as the details for Sloopstock, the fundraiser to help our dear friend pay his rent and keep him and his rat off our cold city streets. 

Check out the band page at...


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