Thursday, March 10, 2011


The March 22 show is getting closer and closer and we are getting increasingly excited as the days draw nearer. And as we get more excited we also get more busy. First and foremost, we are busy getting together our many releases that will be debuting on the 22. Tonight in fact, the artwork was finally completed for the "Animal Sounds" split between A Waste Odyssey and Little House. It looks something like this...

As for our contest, we have changed the rules. To be entered you no longer have to change your picture, a simple status update and a like is sufficient. For the updated rules please check the blog update below.

Also, we are putting together a mailing list, so we can keep everyone up to date with everything we are doing here at the label, and I'm sure that over time we will find lots of benefits to throw your way too, so dont be afraid to join up. You can either email us saying that you are interested at or you can add your email address in the comment section of this blog post.

And finally, we have had a busy week with a couple interviews for The Manitoban and Uptown. Both articles should be showing up in next weeks editions of those publications so make sure you get out there and pick up your copies.

Well I think thats it. Hopefully you made it right through to then end.

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